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Really good song man, I like it, but I still got a couple things to say.

Good Things:
-Loved the strings.
-Loved the drums and the beat.
-The intro with the winds was great, set a nice mood. Good backing strings as well during that part.

Bad Things:
-I personally didn't like the electronic effects in the background in all that, yeah it's more of a personal preference, but I think this song would've been better off if it was just orchestra with the beat/drums. The electronic effects just really stuck out and detracted from the song in my opinion.
-I feel like choir and some incorporations of brass would've worked well with this song. Would've made it a lot more epic.

Well yeah, great job man, keep em' coming, 5/5, peace.

cycerin responds:

Great feedback, I'll consider it when making the CD version.


Damn, really liked the strings in this one man, nice job.

Good Things:
-Strings were great.
-Liked that little drum interlude that started around 2:15. Was really catchy, got my head nodding to the beat, heh.
-Beat was nice.
-Liked those cultural sounding drums, like the ones in the lil' interlude. Made it sound really unique and interesting.

Bad Things:
-Beat could've been a bit more powerful.
-Was kind of repetitive side. Yes it's hip-hop, but some varied melodies would've been nice, especially for a song like this. But if you were trying to stick to the original melody than it's fine.
-I did like the simplicity of this song, but it'd be interesting to hear it with some backing instruments.
-I don't really like 8-bit/techno effects but they suited this song I guess. Maybe those being replaced by some backing instruments would've been better?

Well yeah, great job man, I'm really impressed by how the strings sound. 5/5, peace.

flashmac responds:

haha your not a big fan of synths are you? ah well. Glad you liked the track. Thanks for the review omgwtfcrtiz lol


Not good at making classical music? You said that in one of your previous reviews and than you pop out a song like this, geez man what the hell were you thinking? Haha, man, I swear this song is just begging to be made into a symphonic metal piece, I can practically hear the guitar already. But I mean as a classical piece alone it's already very well made. But damn man, if you finish this song and than remix with guitar, I swear I'm gonna flip a a shit.

Good Things:
-Loved the intro.
-Strings were very good. Loved the melody.
-Brass was very good as well.
-The whole song was good in general, very pro and epic sounding.

Bad Things:
-Where the hell is the guitar and the drums man? Heh, but my symphonic metal obsession aside, this is an incredible song, I'm honestly very impressed. even more so because this is your first song.

Well yeah man, could I be any happier? Xeno making epic classical as well as playing guitar? Heh, you know where this is going... Keep em' coming man, can't wait if you decide to "metalize" this! Definite 5/5, peace.

Xenogenocide responds:

Heheh, thanks for the review man! :D

This is my first try with EWQL orchestra. I aim to please, so I probably will metalize it sooner or later. Will have to write it all out on orchestra first before bringing the old axe into it. ;o


Well guys, great job, but I still got some things to say (as always.)

Good Things:
-Great melody in general, very epic and hopeful sounding, piano was brilliant. Loved how powerful and echo-ey the piano was in this song.
-Drums were great, really fit and I like how they came in.
-The backing strings were great. But there could've been more, like some higher sounding strings, not exactly higher-pitched, but higher octave-wise, so they they could've been a bit more noticeable.
-The quick string rises and drops if that's what I they're called, were a nice touch.
-The background strings near the end of the song were perfect. Strings like those should have been more present throughout the song.

Bad Things:
-Intro was kind of drawn out, should have cut it down a bit.
-I think some faint backing strings would've worked well in the intro of the song.
-The strings sounded, I don't know kind of high-pitched in this song. Could be just me though.
-Some choir, like in the intro? Hell, I always say that, heh. Would've added to the epicness though... Kind of like in Cajete's Obliterate the Opposition. But if you guys were trying to keep it simple, than it's fine.
-Melody transition at 3:17 was kind of awkward and abrupt. Could've been smoother. I thought at first it was the end of the song. Maybe have some faint strings continuing the backing harmony and than having the new melody come in to smoothen up the transition?

Well yeah, this was a really good song as an intro, so keep the epicness coming you guys, 5/5, peace.

Zajed responds:

finally i got off myl azy ass to response lol, sorry

for the good things: just Damn thanks alot we put really much effort into it

for the bad things:
-well i tried to make the intro smoother to capture the feeling abit better, but i can tell i focused too much on the piano, and left the intro more behind
-well actually i tried some faint strings, but i couldnt find any which would fit to the song, and i couldnt make a good melody to it
-i guess i EQed the strings abit too high, that could be the problem
-i dont have a good choir dammit lol
-i dunno i like the break lol, but maybe when more people complaining about it, i might fix it

ok i guess thats all, thanks alot for the great review man much appreciation


Haha, great job you guys, I used to think that Warcraft trying to be all metally was kind of lame but this was... damn, it was amazing!

Good Things:
-Loved the violent, thrashy feeling it got across, kicked ass.
-Solos were a lot better than they were in the original, heh.
-Nice thunder and rain effects at the beginning.
-Guitar work was just simply a lot better than it was in the original.

Bad Things:
-I don't really like metal vocals, especially like this, but I can tell this BardOfBlasphemy guy seriously knows what he's doing. So this is more of a personal preference I guess. Although I do think they clearness of the vocals could've been improved. 80% of the time I couldn't really tell what he was saying, no offense. But you guys could've been aiming for a certain style so whatever.

All in all, great job you guys, this was a pretty bad-ass remix. Keep em' coming! 5/5, peace.

Devastus responds:

Heh, thank you. What I thought when starting this song was that the original seemed to lack the feel of asskicking. And that's what I tried to bring in :P

Definitely, we were aiming for a death metal style vocals (and the other instruments too) with this one, so it's understandable that there's pretty violent growling included. And TheBardOfBlasphemy did a pretty fucking nice job outta it. It's cool that you're able to give honest reviews even though there's something you don't like :D

Thank you for your review.


Really cool man, love the combination the strings and the bad-ass hip-hop beat. But I still got some things I like to say.

Good Things:
-Really liked the clap, suited the song.
-Loved the string melody, set a nice atmosphere.
-Good use of those vocal samples.
-Liked that faint woodblock hit that recurred throughout the song. I'm actually not really sure what the sound is to be honest but that's what it sounded like.
-Liked that electronic effect that came in around 49 seconds, although I feel like a electrical guitar would've worked well there too if not better.

Bad Things:
-I would've liked this song a lot better if you varied the orchestral melody a bit and added in some brass and choir here and there.
-Honestly wasn't a fan of the bass kick you used in this song. Didn't really fit in. Maybe a less artificial sounding kick, like a bass drum hit or something.

Well all in all man, this song is really good! Keep this orchestral hip-hop stuff coming! 5/5, peace.

AeraDynamic responds:

Cool you like it! :D The Clap was bit difficult to make it sound that real and authentic. The String was a Synth I used and it really gave the Track the dark Atmosphere you can hear now even this was my first attempt with a Synth ever XD But I will use more in my upcoming Tracks for sure! The Vocals were taken from a Game cause my live is hardly minted by Videogames and so I just thought it could give the Track the last little something it needed to annihilate his Beat. The electric thing was just the same Synth as earlier, it was the only Syth I used cause I didn't want to make it sound too electronic... and the Violins, nah I must admit I cheated a bit cause I am not enough experienced to recreate the melody and sounding so I took it as a sample and filtered it abit :/ The Drums were just as much Techno/Electro Style as the Synth... thats all with that, the rest was all HipHop in my opinion ;) Thank you!


Nice job man, sounded really trippy but cool at the same time.

Good Things:
-Liked the drums.
-Nice piano.

Bad Things:
-Honestly not my type of song due to the 8-bit songs and all that but whatever, it's still well-made.

Well again, nice job man, keep em' coming! 5/5, peace.

K-Dm responds:

lol ya u like the orchestral types right?

well dun wry im sure there lots more of those types to come... especially if i keep collabing wit zajed lol

neways thx again for the review n the 5



Damn man, I actually really like it! Usually I don't really like metal vocals but the ones in this one just worked.

Good Things:
-Nice and heavy guitar, fit perfectly.
-Great vocals.
-Nice bass entrance. Sounded kind of western.
-"Mothahfuckah let's go..." Haha, brilliant. This song would be perfect for a violent, bloody rampage type flash, heh.

Bad Things:
-Snare sounded kind of weird. Like it was too loud.
-When the vocalist said "juxtapositioning" it sounded kind of weird. As if it had too many syllables. Could be just me though.
-Way too short man! Make it longer!

Really great job man, keep em' coming, 5/5, peace.

Xenogenocide responds:

Thanks for the review man ;D

you're the best critic I ever had if i do say so. You put me right every time, hehe.


Really good man, but here's some suggestions.

Good Things:
-Loved the main flute taking the melody, really fit well.
-Good use of orchestra.
-Liked the faint bells/chimes in the background.

Bad Things:
-The beat was a bit overpowering, but nah, it's fine.
-Wayyy too repetitive even for a hip-hop song. If this song varied a bit it would've been perfect.

Keep it up man, 5/5.

samety responds:

Thanks for the review, I know it's repetitive but I hadn't many time. But next time I will take your tip, and make it less repetitive :D


Damn man, the Requiem For Dream Theme is one of my favorite songs, and this song is pretty damn tight too but I still got some things to say.

Good Things:
-Loved the orchestrations. Were they samples though?

Bad Things:
-Didn't like the snare much.
-The bass kick was a bit too loud.
-In general I think you should fix up the beat a bit, maybe a strong kick (not as strong as this one though) and a cool sounding clap?

Really great job man, although this song still needs some work. Keep em; coming man!

Prominia responds:

Thanks for the input these songs were made a while ago and i stopped making songs a little while ago not enough time. Just wanted to submit them. Thanks for the feedback and im glad you liked it

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