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Sounded bad at first but damn, it blew me away as the song progressed. This song is packin' a lot of power man, keep this stuff coming! 5/5, peace.

flashmac responds:

Yeah it defenitley becomes more epic as it progresses. Glad you liked it man, thanks a lot for the review.


Great song man. Only problem I really had with this song was the weird plucky noise at the beginning. I don't know, I just didn't really like the sound much. But everything else like the strings, piano, and drums were great.

K-Dm responds:

hmmm i like the pizzcato... but i did use a dif plugin for it...
(cuz i used the edirol for everything else)

so maybe it sounds a lil cheap or just kinda seperate from the rest of the song

i might try an edirol pizzcato or maybe just a piano n upload a dif version later

thx for the review



Great song man, but I feel like I could make some suggestions in order for you to get to around Zajed's level no offense. Heh, well yeah, here they are:

-Beat is a bit too overpowering over the other instruments, and speaking of the beat, I feel like you could vary it in general like at the song refrains or something, but that's really up to you.
-The strings sound kind of artificial and bland at times, like at the entrance at 22 seconds. I feel like you could incorporate more melodies that complimented and intertwined/flowed with each other in order to make the song sound more powerful in general. The weird pinging sound that started around 1:03 I felt like kind of detracted from the song. It just simply sounded weird...
-The cymbal crashes were kind of loud.
-The brass sounded pretty good, but like I said before, vary the melodies a bit, and that leads me to my next suggestion.
-Vary the whole song in general, it gets a bit too repetitive near the end, but it's not that much of a problem.

But yeah, all my bitching aside, the is a great song man, keep up the good work and keep this stuff coming, 4/5.

flashmac responds:

This is a good review. Thanks for all the tips man, they really helped. And I know what you mean about the song being repetitive but it's a hip hop song. If you heard any instrumentals for a hip hop song, there's virtually no change ups at all. As for the rest of your advice, I totally agree with you, the strings should've had more effects like reverb and stuff. Thanks for the really helpfull review man!


To be honest, I don't really have any suggestions for this song. It's just simply good, although not really my style, but good none the less. Liked the drums and the guitar playing was great too. The song kind of reminded me of a western type scene and for some reason a Ford car commercial for a pick-up truck, heh, well yeah, great job and keep this stuff coming man, 5/5!

djt820 responds:

LOL! Ford? Those gas guzzlers? lol. This is Chevy Metal! =P
Thanks for the review mate!


Really cool, and thanks to this now I've found out about Diablo 3 (I played a bit of 2), haha. Anyway, great song. I'm a pretty big fan of yours especially your symphonic metal stuff. And now that I think about, it'd be kind of cool if you remixed this song with guitars, but meh, it doesn't really matter. Well yeah, keep this stuff coming man, 5/5, peace.

Devastus responds:

Yeah, from what I saw from the gameplay trailer, Diablo III's gonna be really awesome.

The way I did this song kinda prevents me from remixing this with guitars (and I don't usually like remixing my own work :P), but I'll keep on making those symphonic metal stuff aswell, don't worry :P

Thanks alot for your review.


I liked this song, good mix of organ and drums as well as various other instruments I'm too lazy to name. But the one thing that bothered me though was the fast beat. I feel a like a slow, dramatic kind of bass beat would've worked better with a song of this type and mood. But I don't know, I'd probably have to hear it first. But all in all, great song man, keep it up! 5/5, peace.

cazok responds:

Half of you want the beat to be faster, half of you say it should be slower.
In other words; The tempo is as good as it could be :)

Good stuff

Nice, the guitar tone kind of reminded me of Iron Man for some reason. I liked the bass entrance and the drums were nice when they came in. I wasn't a fan of the stick hits or whatever you call them. And the guitar in general after the stick hits sounded weird and off-beat. It got cool when the drums came in again but some parts sounded kind of weird. Pretty good song though man, 4/5, peace.

Babaganoosh99 responds:

Ya i recorded each verse. I know what you mean by the weird sound, when I put the recording on my editing program it sounded different and dull. No effects were added. It was a weird glitch that messed up my song. Guess I have to live with it.


Nice song man, here's my comments on it.

-The piano noise at the beginning was kind of weird but I guess it suits the song.
-The faint piano was nice, suited the song, although it got a a bit overpowered at times by the beginning melody, which I think it's supposed but it still sounded strange all the same.
-Liked the piano interlude that started around 1:06. The piano started sounding a lot better near the end in general.
-A bit repetitive, I don't know, your songs seem to be getting repetitive lately, running out of ideas? Haha
-I feel like the usage of strings would've worked well in this song, which I don't think it had.

Well nice job man, but I've heard better, 5/5 anyway though, peace.

K-Dm responds:

lol ya i get what u mean on most of what u said

i was just bein experimental haha

thx for the support



Despite the fact you probably don't know, I've been listening to your stuff for awhile now, and this is a pretty good piece right here. You and Zajed are probably my fave Hip-hop artists here on this site. Now uh, what do I have to say about this song:

-Didn't really like the weird sound(dunno what it should be called) that took the melody from the beginning but I guess it suited the song.
-Nice beat but a bit on the quiet side at times.
-Good usage of strings.
-And of course, you gotta love K-Dm's piano. :)

Well yeah, great song in general man, looking forward to your future works whatever they may be. 5/5 man, peace.

K-Dm responds:

well again im just bein experimental with this series... so ya it is gonna be pretty dif from my usual stuff

some ppl dig the weird sounds and sum ppl dont but meh i gave it a try lol

neways thx again for the support

glad ur a fan of my music



This song is rather good for 4 days and I feel like it has a ton of potential. I like the combination of the symphonic instruments and the guitar playing was pretty damn good as well. But I feel like if you put more time into the song; like making the drums better and just making the song more powerful and epic sounding in general it would be perfect. Basically I'm saying I'd really like a remake of this song. But anyway, peace man, 5/5

Dimoria responds:

Thanks alot man , but it would be nice of you to explain what about the drums you didn't like. I suck at mixing this is one of my better ones :) I'm trying everyday to make my mix better and better , it's a slow hardworking process but it keeps getting better and better. And I don't really understand every program I use yet.

Andy @Omgwtfcritz



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