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Brilliant job here man, I definitely have some things to say about this one.

Good Things:
-I love the tone of your guitar, it fits perfectly. Both the orchestra and the guitar are integrated very well which I find is usually the hardest thing to do in symphonic metal-ish type songs.
-The integration of the guitar in general, like the placement of the riffs and chords and all that were perfect.
-The drums were very good as well, very intense and authentic sounding. And for some reason I really liked how you used the inverted cymbals.
-I loved your lil' remix of the victory theme at the end. And I'm not sure if you meant to do this, but I liked how you kinda slowed down the victory theme and kinda added a slow, epic flourish to it at 2:33.
-I just have to say this again, the balance you've achieved in this song is amazing. The orchestra, guitar, and drums just fit perfectly and none are overpowering the other.

Bad Things:
-It'd be nice of the orchestra sounded a bit more authentic but I'm pretty sure you used the original game track so it's fine.

All in all, great song here man. I'm really lookin' forward to future FF metal remixes. I'm also a big fan of symphonic metal so I was wondering if you ever thought about making any original epic symphonic metal pieces yourself. 5/5, peace.

Metaljonus responds:

Sweet review man. I did'nt use the original game track I used ehh what's it called edirol or whatever. Not really good sounding imo but Imma revamp it through reason and see what comes out. Thanks for the killer review and for listening!


Haha, I used to play WoW but luckily I've recovered from being an addict at this point. But anyways, nice beat here, but I got some things to say.

Good Things:
-Nice sampling quality.

Bad Things:
-I honestly think the sampling was good, but it could've been better. It sounded really "warbly" and "wavey" at times if that makes any sense. Like the sound was echo-ing in a way.
-The beat could use some work. I found it to be a bit too loud and overpowering at times. The flow could've been better as well.
-I used to play WoW a lot and all WoW players know that that game has a great and epic soundtrack. And although the samples that you used were good there are many other songs in the WoW library that could've absolutely sounded amazing if a hip-hop beat was added. Like uh, the Ironforge theme, Stormwind theme, Orgrimmar theme, "The shaping of the world", "a call to arms" and so on. Those songs would've sounded much better with a hip-hop beat in my opinion.

But yeah, good song here man, I'd really like to hear some more WoW hip-hop songs in the future. 5/5, peace.

Druids-Warcry responds:

hey thanks, i like this one a lot its mystaic i wanted a creep vibe to it, the echo is to give off more of a nether feel to it like your there... but your not, i love your feed back! the drums do over power at times... i admit im not that good with sampling as you can tell i dubbled up on the Vox and Paned them to the left and right to give it a wider sound, but my next one i will sample is Storm wind!


Nice man, I like where this is going.

Good Things:
-I liked the intro with the low strings.
-I liked the beat in general, the clap and bass fit together well.
-I really liked the guitar in this one, sounded really good.
-The soloing string instrument sounded really good, although I would've preferred some more varied melodies where it went into the higher notes or something like that.
-Loved how in 2:41 it sounded like a full orchestra came in, in contrast to the single string instrument beforehand.

Bad Things:
-The drop to the beat at around 12 seconds sounded kinda weird and awkward. I didn't really like the drums or whatever they were that were used there either.
-The piano loop in the background got kind of old after awhile, I would've liked to see some variation.
-Some nice choir would've made this song pretty epic. But I always say that.

Great job man, hope you add some more to this song. 5/5, peace.

K-Dm responds:

kk i simplified the intro and made the song a little shorter so it wouldnt seem as repetitive

hopefully its a little better now

thx for the awesome review as always



Damn, this is so anime-ish it almost seems like you're tryin' to make fun of anime theme songs. I swear the first time I listened to this I was waiting for some cheesy Japanese guys voice to come in, haha.

Good things:
-Great guitar, sounded real.
-Drums really made the song for me. Hope you use em' more.
-Nice bass, sounded good.
-Nice piano, liked the strings.

Bad things:
-The guitar riff you used was nice but I would've liked some separate guitar melodies and variations.

Great job here man, makes me wanna go watch Naruto or something, even though I don't really watch anime much, heh. 5/5, peace.

K-Dm responds:

LOL animes are awesome

i watch them all the time cuz im a nerd like that haha

neways u made a good point some variation wouldve been nice
it does feel loopy after a while

i just made this in one run today tho
ill probly release a more lengthy and refined version later if im still in the anime mood lol

thx for reviewing as always



I rarely review metal songs because I although I'm a big fan of metal most of my musical knowledge lies in classical influenced songs. But this was song was so epic I just had to.

Good Things:
-Abosuletely incredible solos, I loved the held out squely sounding notes(pinch harmonics I think they're called? Not sure), they just gave the song an epic and echo-ey feel.
-The backing track was very heavy and felt just simply right for the solos.
-The whole slow beat of the song just gave the song a really epic and heavy feel.
-I liked the orchestra in the background but I would've liked some more integration because I'm a huge fan of symphonic metal which this song almost was.
-Your guitar tone was just incredible as well, sounded very clear and had a nice echo-ey feel.

Bad Things:
-I felt like the drums were kinda plain and dull sounding especially in the intro. The epic-ness of the guitar just completely overshadowed them. The hi-hat and snare especially.
-i would've like much more orchestra integration and maybe some choir as well but it's probably just because I'm a huge symphonic metal fan.

Great job here man, keep em' coming, I'm going to definitely check out some of your other work. 5/5, peace.

Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks man! The drums are very boring, I agree. Not much I could think to do with them than crazier fills than the original version. I think you'll find the drums on this track more interesting, for a better idea of what I usually do with them: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/204845

Also you might like it better since there's more classical theory involved.

This was also an older song I wrote when I was younger, and kinda sucked and wrote boring crap like this. I guess everyone here likes it though, I got like 16 straight 5's, damn.


I usually leave long reviews but for this one all I gotta say is:

-EXTREMELY reminiscent of Final Fantasy.
-Amazing guitar.
-I found the piano to get kinda old after awhile. But most of the time it was integrated nicely.
-The drums were kinda plain.
-Nice strings.

Good song here man, keep em' coming, 5/5, peace.

DavidOrr responds:

Great comments, all written down for when I make a revision!

Thanks for your support!


Nice job man, sounds pretty good.

Good Things:
-Nice string usage.
-Interesting breathing effect, haha.
-Liked the string pluck kinda melody.
-Nice gun cocking noises. Could've been placed a bit better though in the song in my opinion.
-Cool intro.

Bad Things:
-Faint "whats" in the background were kind of unnecessary. Very overused as well.
-Instead of having that synth I would have preferred some good ole' strong brass backing up the string melodies. And for all I know the synth might've been brass, but even if it was it didn't sound nearly convincing enough.
-When you had those claps, they should've been a lot louder.
-Hip-hop style snare just doesn't suit me at all. But as most people know, it's a personal preference and I understand most hip-hop songs demand it's use unfortunately.
-Timpani hits near the end should've packed a lot more punch.
-Song need a lot more in general, sounded kinda empty. Maybe some choir?

Nice song man, keep em' coming. 5/5, peace.

DatBoiNC responds:

Thanks for your comment. Thanks alot for your infomation


Damn man, nice job, loved the choir in this one. Btw, I'm gonna test out my new review format for this song, you'll be the first to see it, haha.

Good Things:
-Beginning choir was great, some of the best I've heard.
-Choir throughout the song was really good, use this choir more and make some epic symphonic metal shit, haha.
-Drumwork at the end was cool, haha.

Bad Things:
-Guitar tone was kinda eh. Very buzzy and grindy sounding. Didn't blend well with the song.
-The way the bass guitar came in was nice, but it didn't seem like it was going at the same tempo as the choir. Seemed a beat late for some reason.
-The bass and snare kinda killed it for me. They both just sounded way too hollow sounding, especially the snare.
-What the hell was weird those weird scratchy noises that started around 52 seconds? It sounded like you were taking your fingers off the strings or something, Idk, made that part sound bad though.
-Liked the epic guitar and choir part that started around 1:33. Although the bass got kind annoying at that part with those rapid hits. Too overpowering.
-Guitar tone at 2:12.. ouch... Although the guitar and choir integration there was epic as hell. Loved how you threw in those weird squeal distortions. Fave part of my song by far.
-I'd really like a remake of this song. Or better yet some more of that guitar(better tone mind you) and choir with some orchestra, hehe.

1. Originality(Whether its generic or unique)= 8/10
-More people need to make metal songs like this, haha.
2. Concept(Style and idea)= 9/10
-Just need orchestra, haha.
3. Execution(The way it sounds in general)= 7/10
4. Sound quality(sound quality of the song)= 7\10
-Guitar tone and drums man..
5. Melody(Main melody)= 8/10
-Sounded nice with the choir and all that, and as I said before, liked those weird squeal distortions, don't know what the hell they're called.
6. Harmony(backing and counter melodies)= 8/10
-Choir was epic as shit.
7. Transitions(transitions between melodies)= 8/10
8. Percussion(how good the beat or percussion/drums parts are)= 7/10
-Drums kinda annoyed me, like the snare and bass.
9. Instrument usage(How good the instrumental usage is)= 8/10

Final Score:

Shit, I need a 10th category, was supposed to be outta 100 points. Ah well. This is just a "beta" review format anyways. Tell me what you think man, and nice job, love this concept of epic choir and guitar. 5/5, peace.

FarCryDX responds:

I love the guitar tone! Haha, I love the scratchy ness that almost makes the powerchord non existant :P and those squeals are called pinch harmonics haha.

The scratchy noises.. Eh.. There used to be a guitar lead solo thing there and when I recorded that rythm part I think it kind of picked up the leads for a milisecond so theres the result, haha.

Thanks man. I think the review format is perfect! haha, if your willing to shell it out every time.


Some good shit man, glad you made this remix. Not gonna do my normal review format for this one but I'll just throw in a couple things.

-I would've liked a slightly deeper kick. The beat was great but so much is happening with other instruments taking the melody that it slightly overshadows the beat.
-Liked the snare, but again kinda overpowered by the melody instruments.

Well yeah, that's about it. Great job man, keep em' coming, 5/5, peace.

AeraDynamic responds:

Hm, you always find something to improve right? xDDD But tell me how should I remix this up in your way? You say the beat is to quiet and get oversounded by the Melody, but when I turn the beat up it overwhelms the melody part .___. I think its alright like it is, I could change something in the mixing but I'll leave it like that >,< Thanks for the Review


Damn, I'm actually really likin' this one man.

Good Things:
-Guitar sounded really good.
-The clap was honestly alright in my opinion, but I guess a snare wouldn't bad bad either.
-Really liked the strings in this one nice melody.
-Nice piano runs, added to the mood of the song.
-Loved the string instrument that came in around 1:46, sounded really good. Good high backing strings int hat part as well.

Bad Things:
-Some low cello parts could've worked well this song, like in Zajed's "Remember." But other than that this song is pretty much fine.

Nice job man, keep em' coming, 5/5, peace.

K-Dm responds:


ya i agree... i actually do have a cello in thur sumwhur... but its way too in the bg
i shoulda added more low strings n made them stand out more

neways thx for the awesome review as always man haha


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