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Despite the fact you probably don't know, I've been listening to your stuff for awhile now, and this is a pretty good piece right here. You and Zajed are probably my fave Hip-hop artists here on this site. Now uh, what do I have to say about this song:

-Didn't really like the weird sound(dunno what it should be called) that took the melody from the beginning but I guess it suited the song.
-Nice beat but a bit on the quiet side at times.
-Good usage of strings.
-And of course, you gotta love K-Dm's piano. :)

Well yeah, great song in general man, looking forward to your future works whatever they may be. 5/5 man, peace.

K-Dm responds:

well again im just bein experimental with this series... so ya it is gonna be pretty dif from my usual stuff

some ppl dig the weird sounds and sum ppl dont but meh i gave it a try lol

neways thx again for the support

glad ur a fan of my music



Nice man, I liked this atmospheric piece. It really set a mood, kind of reminded me of games likes Resident Evil and Bioshock. I liked the drum sound and intro but the rapid beats that started around 57 seconds kind of sounded awkward at times. I'm not sure how to describe it but some beats sounded rushed and out of place. I think you were trying to change the beat up a bit but they just sounded a tad strange at times. Good piano and instrumental/sound effect usage in general. I liked the creepy noises that were heard throughout the song. All in all, this is a great piece, keep this stuff coming man, 5/5, peace.


I've listened to only two of your songs and they both are amazing, especially that War God Anhur thing. Great job man, keep this stuff coming. I love your guitar tone. Make more symphonic metal stuff man! 5/5 Peace.


This song is rather good for 4 days and I feel like it has a ton of potential. I like the combination of the symphonic instruments and the guitar playing was pretty damn good as well. But I feel like if you put more time into the song; like making the drums better and just making the song more powerful and epic sounding in general it would be perfect. Basically I'm saying I'd really like a remake of this song. But anyway, peace man, 5/5

Dimoria responds:

Thanks alot man , but it would be nice of you to explain what about the drums you didn't like. I suck at mixing this is one of my better ones :) I'm trying everyday to make my mix better and better , it's a slow hardworking process but it keeps getting better and better. And I don't really understand every program I use yet.


I really liked the whammy bar or whatever distortions you did at the beginning of your solos, it sounded really cool and it transitioned well. Really good job man, 5/5 Peace.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

I don't use a whammy, but thank you very much.


A good song, but in general it was kind of random. I feel like it didn't really have a theme, like it was just a whole bunch of solos and improvs thrown together. But in general it was really good, 5/5 peace.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:


so you are right. It was a bunch of solos and improvs thrown together. Thats what it is supposed to be.
Thanks for the review.


Being a longtime fan of yours Xeno, I can't say this song sucked, but I feel like it isn't really your best work. First of all, I'm not sure why people complained on the snare before, because in this version, the snare is just WAY too loud and it got really annoying. And for some reason, I felt like their were some weird melody changes that didn't really transition well throughout the song; like at around 1:06 for example. But other than that, it was still pretty good and the guitar playing was as usual amazing, despite the fact that this isn't your best work as I've said before. Well uh yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say about this song. Oh and I don't know if you read this in some of my other reviews, but I really think that with your guitar playing skills you should go and try out some symphonic metal, like a collab with Jrayteam6 or something like that. Now THAT would be awesome. Well anyway, 4/5, peace man!


This song is honestly amazing. I don't understand how you can make your music so pro sounding! 5/5 by far, keep this stuff up man! Peace.


Nice job man, good stuff. The solo at the end was amazing, good vox too. Peace, 5/5. Oh and by the way, did you get my PM's? I've just been waiting for a response for awhile now, try to reply when you can. Later man.


Nice incorporations of instruments and a nice beat and all. Sounds pretty damn good but only one problem. The song just simply doesn't enough "oomph" in general. I feel like it's not dramatic enough because it isn't exactly poweful sounding. And also there were some annoying techno noises here in there. But other than that, great a pro sounding song. Peace.

Andy @Omgwtfcritz



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