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Very good.

Honestly, what can I say man? You're stuff always seems to be mind-blowing. One thing I was wondering though, since you're so good at playing guitar, could you try making some heavy symphonic metal (my favorite genre); like orchestra mixed with your wicked guitar playing? I dunno, I just think you'd be really good at it. Try it out if you got the chance. Peace. 5/5


Being a long time fan of yours Xeno, this song is as usual amazing. Your guitar playing never fails to amaze me. My favorite work of yours though is probably Crush, KIll, & Destroy. And about 4 of your songs are my top five played on my iPod. Really good job man, keep this stuff coming, you're gonna be damn famous someday. Peace. 5/5


Not really my style of classical (I'm more in to the dramatic, epic kind of stuff as you probably already know) but this song was still great. I'm pretty familiar with the Gerudo Valley song and this is probably one of the best remixes I've heard. All the instruments were great and I liked how you incorporated the acoustic guitar and trumpet. Really authentic sounding. Oh and by the way, sorry about my previous Orchestra of Heaven reviews.(How's that song going by the way?) I know they're kinda disorganized and all but I'm really just listening to the song from the beginning and jotting down my thoughts as I go along. I really should start listening to songs from the beginning and than reviewing. Haha, well anyway, good job. Peace. 5/5


Really good man, liked the asian instruments, piano and the drums. Not much to say, it's really good. Make more stuff like this man. Great job to you and Shek. Peace. 5/5

K-Dm responds:

lol thx we appreciate it

n ill try to keep experimentin wit my azn instruments lol


It's alright.

This song is pretty good I guess. And I know this is probably going to be a voted a useless review but whatever, I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say, and no offense to you Evil-Dog because I actually have some of your stuff on my iPod. Anyway, on to the review. To be honest, I don't really like this song and I don't understand why it's constantly on the top of the ranking lists. It's pretty damn good but not THAT good. Here are some problems I had with this song. From the title "The Last Stand," I was expecting something a little more epic, and I liked the slow beginning and all but I was waiting for it to pick up into an epic "killing the zombies" symphonic metal kind of thing but it never did. I mean it sort of did but it didn't nearly have enough "oomph" as it should have had. Also, this song was way too repetitive and I found the drums rather weak. I think this song has a lot of potential, but it just needs more. Like more powerful drums, more incorporations of orchestra and maybe some brass, and maybe even throw in some choir here and there to get that "epic" feel. All in all this song is pretty good, but I think it could've been a lot better. Well good job either way man, keep it up, peace. 4/5

Evil-Dog responds:

I agree with pretty much everything you say....I think people like it's simplicity
7/10 is what I think it's worth...I just made the little riff and went with it...it's there for almost the whole song...so yeah it's pretty repetitive....for the zombie killing mood though I have to disagree....I think it's there in a 28 days later way....but yeah....drum is weak, orchestral is limited.....yup :)
thanks for the intelligent review....and it's flagged as helpful like it should

It's pretty good.

Well you might not know me man, but I've been a long time fan of yours, Saiyan and Streets of Rage Remake probably being my favorite songs of yours. I really like your style, the whole symphonic metal thing is great, but I don't know, this song just didn't rub me the right way. It doesn't really have the same style that Saiyan has. I really liked the female vocals at the beginning, with the whole opera-like intro, but after that, it got kinda old. I didn't really like your singing style in this one either. Too opera-ish in a kind of way. I like the way you got the idea of having a female vocalist but I just don't feel like you implemented it in the right way. But I dunno, maybe it's just that I have a certain specific taste in my music. But either way man, you're still amazing, keep it up! Oh, and one other thing I noticed, your guitar solos in your songs seem to be getting kind of similar. Like in streets of rage and the one in this one are very alike. Maybe you're running out of ideas or something. Heh, kidding, anyway, keep this symphonic metal stuff coming! Peace.

Sasha-Tarquin responds:

thanks for your review man,

i'm glad to hear that your a fan of some of my work, i also appreciate your honesty about the song.

this song was purely showing the emotion that Elfen Lied has, that's why i kept it more melodic/operatic.

and with regards to the solo's, i just like my tapping what can i say haha :)

i really do appreciate your support and thanks for an extensive review
if you have any ideas for another tune hit me a pm.



Nice man, almost on par with the real canon rock! Heh, still really good. Only problem I had with this was it just sounded too faint, awkward and scratchy sometimes. I've read your responses below and yeah, you definitely need new recording equipment. :) Nice job though, 5'd.

Pretty cool.

Not much to say on this one, great stuff though. The dull drums kind of bothered me, maybe make something a bit more clear sounding drum-wise? And it sounded like there was an awkward tempo change around the 2 minute mark. Not sure if you did that on purpose or not, sounded kind of weird though. All in all, good stuff though.


Impressive man, I really liked that guitar sound. As usual the clap sound kind of annoys me but that's a personal preference. Anyway, great song, 5'd.

K-Dm responds:

hmmm although the clap sounds ok... a cool snare probly would go better with this track

thx for the review



Damn man! Didi you read my last review? It seems like you took all of what I said and combined it! The combination of the drum roll and cymbal crash transition to the hip-hoppish beat was amazing. Nice mastering too, the instruments sound great. Only problem I got is I like the melody in the one two versions before this better. I dunno, just the high pitched brass in this one kind of bothers me. Also, the recurring drums rolls around 1:55 kind of seem awkward. All in all, great song, you definitely hit the intro to the hip-hop beat right on. But again, the instruments just seem a bit TOO high pitched in this one. I think you should add in some more bass to achieve a more heavy feel. Like some tubas/horns in the background. And sometimes the drums feel a bit dominating but that rarely happens. Great job man, keep these things comin' I've dl'ed every single one so far. :) 5'd

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