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Pretty good song man, I discovered you a couple weeks ago and I've become a big fan, especially of you orchestral hip-hop songs. Like "Haters Burn Eazy" for example. Normally I would leave a long review but for now I just wanna tell you to keep the epic orchestral hip-hop songs comin' man. 5/5, peace.

stl-product314 responds:

lol That's whats up man. Appreciate the reveiw


Really gets you into that spirit, haha, like it man. And since it's almost x-mas I don't think I'll bitch on this one...............

Aw screw it, yeah I will. :)

Good Things:
-Nice drums.
-Nice guitar usage.
-Orchestra was nice,

Bad Things:
-Beat was kinda too fast when it came in compared to the main melody.
-Melody got kinda repetitive.

Well yeah, keep em' coming man and merry x-mas to you and everyone else!

First 10 I've given in awhile, haha, merry christmas! ;)


Nice job man, I don't I have much to say about this one but w/e...

Good Things:
-Guitar sounded nice if not a tad a on the buzzy/distorted side.
-Loved the drums in this song, use em' more, haha. the snare sounded great. Angry sounding drums always sound badass.
-Nice bass guitar use.
-Cool guitar effects here and there. Make symphonic metal. X)

Bad Things:
-The lack of orchestra, haha, you know me.
-Synth got kind of annoying after awhile. But they always annoy me eventually... :P

Great job man, a weird deviation from your usual style but it's cool enough. Keep em' coming man!


Hell yes, epic orchestral hip-hop! Haha, nice work guys, time to bitch.

Good Things:
-Nice soloing string instruments, sounded really authentic.
-Bells were nice, but eh, I felt like you kind of overused em'.
-Brass was some of the best I've heard, the high-pitched and low backing melodies worked really in the climaxes of the song.
-The build-ups to the climaxes were great, got you really pumped. Drops were brilliant.
-Nice backing strings.
-Absolutely loved that string and piano part hat started around 3:55. Epiccc, haha.
-Bass kick fit well, but that clap... eh...
-Cool chime part that first started at 4:58. Haven't really seen that used much.
-Damn, that brass near the end was really intense, I like it, haha.
-I know I'm mentioning that brass a lot, but it's a huge improvement, kicked ass in this song.
-I like how the kick suddenly got more powerful at the climaxes of the song, but the clap... Man, just got way too overpowering and heavy...
-Like how you alternate a snare and a clap for the beat.

Bad Things:
-Piano just didn't really hit the right tone in this. Maybe an octave too high? I'm not sure, should've been more echo-ey or something. I know I always say that but it really helps to make the song sound fuller and more dramatic.
-Clap didn't really work as well. Sounded too overpowering, and I don't know, the tone of the clap didn't sound right for the song, sounded too heavy and out in the open.
-The backing strings always seem to sound a bit too high-pitched like in "Liberation," especially near the end of this song. But eh, w/e.
-Piano solo ending was kinda weird, didn't really flow well. Especially starting around 5:43, with that random note at the end.
-Snare sounded cool and had a nice echo-ey effect. But I think it should've been a bit more faint at the beginning and slowly built up. It should also be especially faint when it's backing the soloing instruments like that part that started around 2:16.
-Drop for the main beat that came in at around 24 seconds was kind of sudden. I dunno, maybe something to make the build-up and entry for the main beat more anticipated? But as I said before, drops for the climaxes were the shit.

Well, what is there to say? Great job you two, epic orchestral hip-hop at it's peak. Keep em' coming you guys! Definite 5/5, peace! Hope you guys plan tweak this a bit by the way, but it's cool if you don't, sounds great as it is really.


Zajed responds:

ye i realized it too that the clap is too loud at the end and too dominating

im not gonna say anything about the good things you mentioned lol, but im trying to destroy your bad arguments muahaha

-i actually planned a piano solo but i dunno the notes ended up in randomness, so we cancelled it
-well i guess the high pitchyness is a problem with the east west vst, if not i didnt managed it to fix that lol not yet :/
-actually i wanted to bring in more variation to the ups and downs, but this whole project was consuming 2 gigs of ram so i had to be careful i wasnt sure too add more things because i was afraid that my programm crashes, it even crashed one time lol

since im fed up with the ram consume of east west im looking for a way to save some ram ''less is more'' or something like that, so the next time you get more variation in the build ups but i guess this is gonna take abit time, anyways

thanks fgor the great review, a pleasure as usual
much appreciation


Big fan of your work man, absolutely brilliant. And forget the haters man, you are by far one of the best hip-hop artists here on this site.

Good Things:
-Sick backing track as usual.
-Rapping was very impressive, was crazy fast, haha.
-Loved the refrain of the song, sounded like a cool mix of a rap song with an epic movie soundtrack.

Bad Things:
-Song was kind of on the short side.
-Not really a bad thing, but I would've liked to see the lyrics cuz' some of em' were kinda hard to grasp.

Well yeah, great job as usual man, but uh, where can I get the backing track? I looked on your soundclick site but I couldn't really find it... 5/5, peace.


Nice man, got a lot better, but I still got some bitchin' to do. ;)

Good Things:
-That intro that ended at around 12 seconds I found to be kind of unnecessary. I think it'd be better if you just started the song off with that badass screechy noise that started around that 12 second mark.
-Again, like the groovy kinda "southern" feel this song has for some reason, haha.
-Drums, well to be honest I don't know much so I'll let those other metal people handle that, heh. Sounded fine to me though. :P
-Metaljonus kicks some ass solo-wise but I'm pretty sure you can hold your own too Xeno, haha.
-Tone, w/e, kicks ass.
-Liked how the song ended with that heavy riff and cool string sub-tone. Yeah, that might've been unintentional but w/e.

Bad Things:
-I didn't really like that part that started around 2:45. Eh, I dunno, I find that in my metal songs I don't really like parts when the snare is just banging a loud steady beat, it get's kinda annoying. :P

Good job man, lookin' forward to the "solo" version of this song, keep em' coming man, 5/5, peace.

Xenogenocide responds:

ahh well, I wouldn't have it any other way now dude. I'm seriously thinking of creating a build up to the 'snare banging' bit because it just simply adds more of a variety to it.

Love your critics though dude,
keep 'em coming!

Hugz & Kissies
- Xeno


Liked it man, good stuff.

Good Things:
-Lived the drums, especially the snare, fit really well.
-Background strings were nice, could've been used more though, like some independent string melody here and there.
-Nice piano work, cool echo-ey feel.

Bad Things:
-Part at 3:05 was kinda weird. The re-entrance was just too sudden and I thought the song like glitched or something. You should've made the melodies fit together more over that pause and have some faint strings during that pause to signify that the song wasn't over yet. Or you could've just end the song there, that could' work too.
-This song need a climax of some sort. Or a better drop before the drums come in. Make the listeners anticipate the main beat and melody coming in.
-Hi-hat things at the beginning sounded kinda weird...

Nice song man, keep em' coming. 5/5, peace.

T-Free responds:

Thank you for your critic, that's very helpful for me, Omgwtfcritz!
I will correct all these bad things as soon as I can and hope that this song will be greater than before.^^


Aight, let's do this. By request of Wyze-Stingray, haha, thanks man, good to know that my reviews are appreciated.

Good Things:
-Nice sitar and string integration.
-Synth was a nice touch I guess.
-Wanted to mention, loved the tone of the strings in this song.

Bad Things:
-Drums are lacking the impact that they should have.
-The snare just sounds kinda weird too, I would just stick with a clap or a regular snare beat.
-Bass could've been better. The weird hummy bass in the background just didn't fit very well.
-The synth was, I dunno, kinda TOO much in the front. Not sure what I'm trying to get at here but maybe you should've toned up the background melodies a bit more. Or it could've been that the melodies in the background just simply didn't sound full enough rather than loud enough. Some more reverb? To be honest, not sure... :P
-Sometimes the synth got a bit high-pitched like at around 2:45. But eh, easy to overlook.
-Hm, for a song like this I would've preferred an Arabian flute type thing to take the synth melody, I feel like it would've just suited the mood of the song better. But ya know, I'm a big fan of real instrument melodies rather than synth melodies so a personal preference I guess.

Nice job man, keep em' coming. 5/5, peace.


Nice man, some good stuff right here.

Good Things:
-Great guitar, pretty sure it was synth, but either, it sounded great.
-That voice... added a nice effect, very unique.
-Cool combination of genres. Techno/hip hop, rock, and classical. Not a fave combo of mine but w/e. Normally I would just prefer symphonic metal alone but that's a personal preference.
-Nice usage of piano.
-Choir in the intro was really good. Really established the mood of the song well. Nice piano in that part as well.
-Cool ending with that echo-ey thud effect.

Bad Things:
-All I can think of are the synth effects, but that's really just cuz' I don't like techno much, again, personal preference I guess.
-Drums, I dunno, sometimes they sounded kinda weird, like they were too compressed. The toms kinda got on my nerves. Everything else drum-wise sounded fine though; cymbals and snare.

Nice job man, keep em' coming, you got skill. 5/5, peace.

NemesisTheory responds:

I can agree on the drums, but somehow complex drums didn't seem to fit at all so they sound kind of lazy now.

but it's something I'll see about handling in the near future, don't worry :)

Again, thanks for the review and scores!


Actually really like where this is going man, this song could become a crazy epic "peaceful/serene hero return" kinda song, haha.

Things: (Too lazy to divide em' up into good and bad categories, I think I'm just gonna rant, bear with me, haha.)

-Loved the beat and the instruments used. Fit really well.
-The background soloing string instrument was amazing. Sounded great and added a nice mood to the song.
-Piano was nice, but I dunno, they way it sounded didn't really fit with the song. Maybe make it slightly echo-ey? Or a better solution could be raising it up an octave but I'm not quite sure, I'd have to hear it first. But it seems like it should kind of like the piano in the intro of "Liberation."
-Backgrounds string were amazing in general.
-Some serene choir would work well, kinda like the ones in "Frontlines." But you don't wanna overdo it, just make some smooth sustained chants in the background every now and than. Kinda like the high background strings part.
-You should definitely use that soloing string instrument more man. Like give it some independent melodies of it's own every now and than. Melody switch offs between the piano and string instrument would be really nice.
-I feel like the string instrument alone would finish off the song well at the end of the song, but eh, not sure really...
-You definitely need some more melody variations, way too repetitive, but make sure not to stray too far from he actual melody, keep it steady but not boring.
-And even though I got all these suggestions, I think it's be best for you to be the judge. Cuz' I feel like this song would be best if it was kept kinda simple and serene but yet calmly epic. I dunno, try to picture like some epic hero slowly returning home from a great victory in the silhouette of a sunset to his village with his weapon slung across his back as he reminisces about his past or some other cheesy crap like that, haha.

You better finish this one man, haha, but anyways, keep em' coming. Definite 5/5, peace.

Andy @Omgwtfcritz



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