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Damn good!

Another amazing submission, not a big fan of the intro but that's just me, I can tell whoever played was really talented, and the metal part near the middle, damn! Yeah, but I have to agree with other people on the drums, they're just not as "epic" as the guitar, so it sort of detracts from the piece. But otherwise great melody! 5/5

Pretty dam good.

I like the beat and everything but I'm sorry, the choir is just a tad too artificial sounding for me...

Great taste

Really good, definitely the style I prefer. It's really hard to find like a pro organization that makes orchestral rock. Yeah there's Trans-Siberian orchestra but all they do is holiday stuff so it kinda sucks. I love it when people mix orchestra and guitar for fantasy-type movies/scenes. I was on the verge of downloading this but the guitars a bit too fuzzy, do a remake! 5/5 though for style.


I love the echo-ey drums in this one. Gives a good morose-like feel to the song. But meh, again the brass kind of ruined it for me (historical moments part 2). Way too artificial sounding. Maybe I'm just a picky bastard but the thing I appreciate the most with you is the fact that most of your music sounds like it's really being played by a real orchestra.


Again, you blow me away with your amazingly real sounding songs. One thing I would fix though is the faint string things, not the chorus but the ones in the background. They seem a bit too faint and out of place. Anyway, 5/5 to you for this one!


I loved the strings in this one, and the piano was impressive as well. One thing I didn't like was the piano-esque sounding thing in the intro. Maybe it's just me but I would've preferred a real piano on that part. Props by far though! Great collab! 5/5

Nice work yet again

Good stuff, but the trumpets kinda hurt my ears when they came in. The strings were vary nice but eh... the brass needs a bit of work. Otherwise, very good beat and I'd really appreciate a remake of this song!

Very Nice

Man, I've been listening to your stuff for awhile and I've finally gotten off my lazy ass to make an account so here's what I got to say. This by far, is my favorite of your works. It's very real sounding which is a BIG part of my criteria. Not only that, but its got a really good beat. I think it'd be cool if a real orchestra took this and actually played it, drums and all. Only thing I had a problem with is the weird twangy sound near the middle. I think its like a guitar or something but its easily overlooked. Anyway nice work, I thinks it'd be nice if you remade Historical Legend part 2 (think that's the name) and made the trumpets less artificial sounding. Anyway, props to you! 5/5 all the way.

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