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Really good and clean playing man, I especially liked the strings accompaniment although they felt a bit artificial at times. And another thing, I don't like how the electric guitar kept randomly coming in. I think it would've been better if it started off as sad and than went to angry or whatever, rather than sad, angry, sad, angry, you know? Well ah well, this song still kicks ass man! 5/5

FarCryDX responds:

Thanks. No, the were samples actually.. so they aren't synthetic. But eh. I liked em. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm a rusher sometimes. Lol.

Pretty good.

Nice job man, I'm not a big fan of the whole throat scream-o thing but the playing was definitely top-of-the-line. Only thing that could be improved though is the (sorry to say) terrible quality.

Damn good!

Another amazing submission, not a big fan of the intro but that's just me, I can tell whoever played was really talented, and the metal part near the middle, damn! Yeah, but I have to agree with other people on the drums, they're just not as "epic" as the guitar, so it sort of detracts from the piece. But otherwise great melody! 5/5

Pretty dam good.

I like the beat and everything but I'm sorry, the choir is just a tad too artificial sounding for me...

Great taste

Really good, definitely the style I prefer. It's really hard to find like a pro organization that makes orchestral rock. Yeah there's Trans-Siberian orchestra but all they do is holiday stuff so it kinda sucks. I love it when people mix orchestra and guitar for fantasy-type movies/scenes. I was on the verge of downloading this but the guitars a bit too fuzzy, do a remake! 5/5 though for style.


I love the echo-ey drums in this one. Gives a good morose-like feel to the song. But meh, again the brass kind of ruined it for me (historical moments part 2). Way too artificial sounding. Maybe I'm just a picky bastard but the thing I appreciate the most with you is the fact that most of your music sounds like it's really being played by a real orchestra.


Again, you blow me away with your amazingly real sounding songs. One thing I would fix though is the faint string things, not the chorus but the ones in the background. They seem a bit too faint and out of place. Anyway, 5/5 to you for this one!


I loved the strings in this one, and the piano was impressive as well. One thing I didn't like was the piano-esque sounding thing in the intro. Maybe it's just me but I would've preferred a real piano on that part. Props by far though! Great collab! 5/5

Nice work yet again

Good stuff, but the trumpets kinda hurt my ears when they came in. The strings were vary nice but eh... the brass needs a bit of work. Otherwise, very good beat and I'd really appreciate a remake of this song!

Very Nice

Man, I've been listening to your stuff for awhile and I've finally gotten off my lazy ass to make an account so here's what I got to say. This by far, is my favorite of your works. It's very real sounding which is a BIG part of my criteria. Not only that, but its got a really good beat. I think it'd be cool if a real orchestra took this and actually played it, drums and all. Only thing I had a problem with is the weird twangy sound near the middle. I think its like a guitar or something but its easily overlooked. Anyway nice work, I thinks it'd be nice if you remade Historical Legend part 2 (think that's the name) and made the trumpets less artificial sounding. Anyway, props to you! 5/5 all the way.

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