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Nice man, not as good as the original in my opinion, but it's pretty cool.

Good Things:
-Liked the bass and the weird clap thing. The way they sounded was nice but they just didn't fit the song in my opinion. You should use em' more in your later songs though.
-Nice brass.

Bad Things:
-The whole song felt wayyy too slow. Which kinda detracted from the power the original had.
-All the instruments just weren't powerful/loud enough. And sounded kinda synthetic on the more sustained notes at times.
-Main problem with this song is the tempo. It's just simply way too slow. As I was listening I felt like I was in slo-mo or something' weird like that.
-Some more melody variations could've worked but it's easy to overlook.

Well yeah, nice song man. Keep em' coming. 5/5, peace.


Loved the original "Desertion" track but this version just adds a hilarious twist, haha. And the tweaked background track just simply sounded brilliant and epic, so yeah, great job man. 5/5, peace.


Not much to say for this one, but I dunno, this sounds like such a stoner song to me, haha. This the song that plays when you got the bong out, heh.

Devastus responds:

Stoner song? That's exactly what it is, by good man :P


What the hell man, finish this! Haha, it sounds great, keep the symphonic metal UP man!


Not much to say man, you know how much your music kicks ass.

Good Things:
-Best slayer guitar I've ever heard. How the hell did you get it to sound that authentic?! But anyways, you should definitely use that guitar in more of your songs. Dude with a guitar like that, you should try your hand at symphonic metal!
-Bad-ass clap.
-You my friend are the master of integrating choir into epic hip-hop songs.
-Good piano.
-That some mean brass in the background.
-Nice use of bells.

Bad Things:
-I usually dislike synths in my songs but I realize hip-hop songs sometimes just have to have em'. Even though I don't get why you can't just give the synth melody to some strings or something, haha.

Keep em' coming man! Never gonna stop checkin' your page for more of that epic choir shit! 5/5, peace


Just read my pm man... It's all there... Geez, still recovering from the epicness.... But again, one thing, use claps for these kinda epic beats man. I've heard a lot of em' and snares just don't work as well. A loud echo-ey sounding clap fits in much more. But whatever, keep em' coming man! By the way, loved how you brought in the piano and bass guitar. And the choir... is there anything to say?


Love it man, heard it in the "Nothing Remix" and damn man, this is by far one of the best hip-hop beats I've ever heard. Incredibly epic, and the choir, holy shit, I've never heard better. Everything was just simply great man, you should make more of these! Incredible orchestration, choir was beyond amazing, and the beat just has epic written all over it. Only suggestion I could possibly suggest is that you should've used an echo-ey clap for the main beat because I feel like it would've suited it more rather than a snare. But that's really it, keep it up man! Definite 5/5, peace!


Holy shit, one of the most epic rap tracks I've ever heard! Great job man, damn!

Good Things:
-Rapping was great. Good quality and all-around good composition.
-I think I just fell in love with the instrumental track in general, Holy shit, that choir was amazing!
-Cool background effects in general.
-Great lyrics.
-Again, I can't get over that choir!

Bad Things:
-I honestly can't think of any. :P

Great job man, this is by far one of the best rap tracks I've heard! Keep it up man! But I seriously can't help but to ask. Can you PLEASE put up that backing instrumental track! I mean, the choir,strings, the beat, it was just all so epic. Thanks man, I would really appreciate it! Definite 5/5, peace and keep these kinda epic rap tracks coming!

mseemercury responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/177108 there ya go bro


Damn good concept you got here man, really like it. Orchestral hip-hop always kicks ass.

Good Things:
-Loved that clap. Fit the song perfectly.
-Nice background strings.
-Nice echoing cymbal crash effect.

Bad Things:
-Soloing string part hat started around 1:10 I feel like could've been a lot better. I mean, maybe you were trying to make it sound staccato, but I feel like it would sound a lot better if the notes transitioned in a bit more legato-like fashion to get that really sad yet ominous feel.
-Song is begging for choir which I know you're gonna add, but make sure it actually sounds good, bad choir just makes the song sound worse so yeah.
-Yeah, more orchestra is needed as well. Which you're also adding anyway.
-Kick is pretty damn cool and unique, but I dunno, I feel like it hits TOO deep. But pretty easy to overlook.
-Parts with the soloing string instrument and the piano in the background, I dunno, I feel like some notes are clashing here and there, but again, easy to overlook, just sounds weird every now and than.
-Piano sounded fine. Although I would've like it to be more echo-ey and a bit louder, like with more reverb or something like that.
-Cool finger effects but I thought it was kind unnecessary, but whatever.
-Same with the weird woodblock sound that started around 2:21, kind of unnecessary. I feel like this song would sound fine with some sad piano, full orchestra, choir, bad ass beat and clap, and that's about it.

Well yeah, great job man, lookin' forward to the full version, 5/5, peace.

DjThunderbass responds:

Actually the woodblack is a Finger snap at c4 note cumpacity

soo yeah really really really do appericate your review thaks alot man i be sure to remaster some of the stuff And give the piano more of a Reeverb and a dark and scary feeling


Nice beat man, liked it.

Good Things:
-Flute was absolutely amazing.
-Cool effects throughout the song in general.
-Liked the beat.

Bad Things:
-The bass guitar is just what ruined the song for me. I just felt like it didn't belong in the song.
-The song in general sounds kind of empty. I feel like some more background instruments should've been used, like an orchestra/choir or something.

Really cool song right here man. I feel like you should like re-make it or something and add more to it but w/e. Keep em' coming man. 5/5, peace.

Wolfguard responds:

well my goal was too try and make the song as simple as i could, i didnt wanna clutter it with too many sounds... but i did find the bass too be a tad intrusive at times during the song... thanks for your review mate..^_^

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