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Damn man, liked it.

Good Things:
-As the people before me have said, that drummer was friggin' amazing. The drum part was just simply the shit.
-Nice heavy guitar tone, although they sounded a bit too "grindy" at times. Like the riffs at the beginning. But the tone gets a lot better as the song progresses.
--Nice bass.
-Riffs in general sounded kinda western as well as James Bond-ish. I dunno, just throwin' that out there.
-Great guitar work in general.

Bad Things:
-What was that weird high-pitched whistling or scratching sound I kept hearing in the background, it got really annoying. That's really the only thing that kind of annoyed me about the song.
-It seemed like the song looped, which is okay, but I would've preferred a more apparent ending and not just an abrupt stop.

Well all in all great job guys. Definitely gonna be lookin' forward to your future works. 5/5, peace.

Wolfguard responds:

yeah the Scratching was from the turn tables.... i cause i sorta dropped the ball on the equilizer lol, but at least that was the only thing wrong you found lol... yeah all these props going too Scottie is going too his head..now hes working on another major drum solo for ya'll here.. thanks for your review again ^_^


Damn man, some good stuff right here.

Good Things:
-Epic intro with the cool choir and all that.
-Loved the beat, nice, heavy, and angry sounding.
-Cool percussion effects in general, like the echo-ey bass and stuff.
-Brilliant piano man, really got the song going.
-Epic choir, just had to say that again.
-Amazing monologue up there man, inspiring, you're quite the writer, haha.

Bad Things:
-Only gripe I had about this song was those damn "heys." I'm sorry but they just simply annoy me. But eh, personal preference I guess. But I still kind of think you overused em'.
-Haha, people that've been reviewed by me know I just can't resist orchestral hip-hop beats. And this song with some orchestra as well as that epic choir taking the melody would've been the shit, just sayin'. And minus the "heys" of course, haha.

Great job man, keep these beats comin'! 5/5, peace.

Druids-Warcry responds:

thanks man, glad you like it! and yeah i did over use them Heys. but i wanted it to be constent


Tight shit.

Good Things:
-Nice beat, a lot of nice and quirky effects as well.
-String effect was nice as usual for me.
-Like the heavy echo-ey feel of the beat.
-Nice piano usage.
-Cool choir, although it did sound a bit too artificial sometimes. :P

Bad Things:
-Eh, dunno, haha.

Pretty good man, for some reason I just don't have much to say when I review your stuff, haha. Keep it up man. 5/5, peace.

flashmac responds:

haha, I can't belive you couldn't say anything bad. This is a great accomplishment! haha


Impressive man, I like it.

Good Things:
-Good solos man, just in general.
-You always seem to get that bad-ass heaviness right on dot most of the time, haha.
-Main riff was cool, nice, heavy, and angry sounding.
-The weird oldies feel of some of your solos was kind of cool.
-3:23, sounded like chaotic noise, you gotta make the guitar more clear on those parts.
--Cool effect at 1:24 and 2:49.

Bad Things:
-Drums were kinda "meh" sometimes. Like the toms and snare sometimes got irritating. Alright most of the time though.
-Part starting around 27 seconds; sounded kind of jumbled and chaotic and the snare wast just way too overpowering. But parts like that in metal songs when they have to hold steady beat usually are kind of loud anyways, but it still annoys me, heh.
-Yeah, that snare is definitely too loud for my taste now that I think about it. :P
-Weird effect at the very end, uh, wtf was that?! Haha

Nice job man, keep em' coming. Actually been lookin' forward to your more orchestrated works for awhile now cuz' you know I'm fuckin' obsessed when it comes to symphonic metal but whatever, it's fine. Got any release dates or anything like that though? Cuz' damn, Alles Zestoren like I said before would be the shit with real guitar. With the epic choir and all that, god, EARgasm man, haha. But yeah, metal forever man, 5/5, peace.


Nice man, liked it.

Good Things:
-Really liked the strings.
-Liked the beat and clap in general.

Bad Things:
-I bitch about synths all the time, forget it, haha.
-Really think a version of this song that was fully-orchestrated and had no synths would've been truly badass but whatever, I always say that.

Well yeah, nice job man, keep em' coming. Heh, sorry I can't write much like I usually do but whatever. 5/5, peace.

flashmac responds:

Why do you hate synths so much?!!! If you hate em so much, listen to jazz or classical lol. Anyway, glad you liked the track overall. It's good to hear from you man.


Hey man, really been awhile. Hopefully you remember who I am, the guy who leaves really long reviews, but heh, that aside, this song was really quite something. You are by far probably one of the only artists (other than a couple others) that really hit the style of music I like: epic symphonic metal at it's peak. But yeah, I still got some suggestions to make as usual.

Good Things:
-Composition is just simply brilliant, it always is I guess, heh.
-Sitar was pretty damn amazing, kept picturing some weird Arabian dude shredding his ass off. But yeah, sounded really authentic.
-The part that started around 1:32 was pretty cool.
-The weird breathing noises in the background that recurred throughout the song added a nice effect. Although I would've like those driving drums in that section to be a bit heavier and angrier sounding.
-Chime effect at around 4:18 was a nice transition. Although I would've liked the drums in the following section to be bit more stronger sounding. Like maybe making it echo'ey sounding or something?
-Good implementation of those gong/cymbal hits.
-Do I really have to talk about all your instrument usage individually? We both know they're epic.
-Kinda too lazy to name all the cool effects/instruments you used, but they all really added to the mood of the song.
-Very epic string melodies that recurred throughout the song.

Bad Things:
-Brass blares, were kinda "meh." I mean sometimes the rising brass blares sounded good but the steady ones in the background kind of sounded like weird versions of farts. An example would be the part that started around 1:20. And yeah I know you mentioned this already but I thought I should too.
-When it comes to you Jray, I usually choose not to complain about your synth guitars, cuz' even though I kind of dislike the grindy, buzzy noise it has I still greatly enjoy your music. But you know, real guitars would really make your songs something truly epic although it sort of already is.
-Ending honestly could've been better.
-Yeah, some transition could've been smoother but overall it's pretty easy to overlook.

So yeah, great job man, I've been a huge fan of your work for a long time now so keep it up! A download and a definite 5/5 from me. Oh and by the way, if you've read my pm yet about Revolution I've been kind of wondering for awhile what you think about it.


Nice man, been awhile since you've submitted something. But as always, I still got some suggestions to make.

Good Things:
-Great piano.
-Nice drums, cool distant-sounding/echo-ey effect.
-The whole echo-ey feel of the song in general was nice.
-Cool pluck instruments that started around the beginning.
-Ending was cool with the brass and cymbal effects.

Bad Things:
-Not really my style to be honest, but whatever, kicks ass anyways.
-Kind of took awhile for the song to start up, and I thought my speakers were broken for a sec, but that's honestly not really a problem at all.
-Strings were kinda... eh, bad compared to your others. Sounded way too synthetic. And it wasn't really the low background strings, but more of the high-pitched ones that started near the beginning; those were noticeably bad and buzzy sounding.
-I'd start raving about adding choir and other epic shit like that but I'm trying to wean myself off always making suggestions like that, heh. I think I'm way too attached to modernized epic orchestral stuff. You were probably aiming for a certain style anyway so its fine.
-Not a big fan of synths, like the ones that started at the beginning, but its a personal preference.

Well yeah, great song man, not my favorite, but that aside I have to say, your piano was really good in this song, I'm impressed. Keep em' coming man, cuz' my reviews definitely will! 5/5, peace.


Really nice song here man, can't wait till the fully-orchestrated version comes out. Symphonic metal songs never fail to kick ass. Anyways though, I still got some suggestions to make.

Good Things:
-Nice melody over all, a very catchy riff, and very accurate, it really emulated the original.
-Loved the little distortions you threw in around 1:13. I always seem to like those kinds of things in my metal songs.

Bad Things:
-Kind of empty sounding, but obviously due to the lack of orchestra. Personally, I would recommend Jrayteam6 or Sasha-Tarquin because those two are very talented and definitely have a lot of experience in heavy metal and orchestra integration.
-Drums kind of ruined it for me to be completely honest. They just sounded very hollow and way too overpowering, especially that really bad sounding snare no offense.
-Guitar playing was great and all, but I didn't really like the tone. It was definitely heavy enough, but I would've preferred a more clear and not as "buzzy" sounding tone.
-I feel like some dark sounding choir would've worked well in this song to make it more dramatic but I'm not sure if the original had it or not so...

All in all, very good song and concept here man, can't wait till the full version comes out. Keep em' coming! 5/5, peace.

Son-Of-Dime responds:

Thanks a lot for the constructive comment dude. I made it a long time ago, and I used to have a bad gear. Though, the drums are not that bad IMo ; ). I will ask Sasha-Tarquin or Jrayteam6 about the orchestra part, thanks for the tip : ).

Thanks again for the review :P


Nice job guys, not a fan of having vox of this style in my metal songs but this shit was pretty-bad-ass.

Good Things:
-The mood was "nice", perfect song to listen to when you're really pissed off.
-Although I didn't really like the vocal style in this song they were actually quite well executed. Props to you Bard.
-Despite the fact that the lyrics were kind of overboard it was still kind of cool. Very stress-relieving for some reason, heh. Never going to listen to this song in front of my girlfriend though! :o
-Guitar playing was nice and heavy, interesting solo.
-Nice audience samples at the end.
-I really liked the part from 47 to 52 seconds, made me feel like beating the shit out of someone, heh.

Bad Things:
-Well, I'm not really experienced in this particular genre of metal so I can't really say/suggest much...

Well good job guys, keep it up, metal forever! 5/5, peace.

\../ (>_<) \../

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

i'm off to beat the shit out of somebody right now!

thanks for the comprehensive feedback... you rock! and thanks for the rating even though this is not "your style"... that's very mature of you :D


Nice song here man, probably one of the first I downloaded when I came on Newgrounds for the first time but I've finally gotten off my lazy ass to review this. Time to give this song the critz' treatment.

Good Things:
-Great beat.
-The strings were great.
-I love the mood that this song gets across, kind of chill but intense at the same time.
-Loved the string melody that started at around 35 seconds.
-The song loops perfectly, one of the best I've heard, you can barely tell when it transitions. I personally prefer listening to full songs but loops are fine.
-Just love it when people make symphonic hip-hop, just had to say that.

Bad Things:
-This whole song sounds kind of on the empty side. It's great, but kind of bland.
-I feel like a single female vocalist choir-like sample at the beginning would've worked well. When I first I heard I thought it was already there but I realized it was actually strings.
-The drums were great, but sounded kind of... is fuzzy the right word? And they were kind of dominating over the strings. But it's easy to overlook I guess.
-Not a big fan of synths, like the ones that were in the background at about 8 seconds. But it's more of a personal preference.
-This songs simplicity is great, but I would really like to see this song built on... Just to see how epic it can really be. Sort of leads back to my first "Bad Thing" suggestion.

Well yeah, great song right here man, keep this symphonic hip-hop kind of stuff coming! 5/5, peace.


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