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Really good.

Well coming from you Xeno, of course this song kicks ass. But the old one I think has some better aspects as well despite the fact both of these songs are good. The old one has like a "dirtier" rough tone which kind of fits the angry mood of the song. This one still has that tone too but since it's a lot cleaner now, so it sounds more on the cheery side. Also the distortion at 43 seconds, was more in tone in the original. But yeah, enough of my bitching, this song definitely is better quality but they both still kick ass. 5/5


Really unique, usually the clap sound effect annoys me but damn! Anyway, good rapid beat, and the strings were amazing. The xylaphone or whatever it was in the background was sort of irritating, but the strings made up for that. 5/5


Again man, being a longtime fan of yours, this song was as usual; amazing. Despite the fact of it being simple, it still conveyed the feelings you were trying to get across. Great job man, 5/5. I swear, soon you're going to be a worldwide hit. Heh, later. Oh, and by the way, how's orchestra of heaven going? I've been looking forward to the finished version of that piece. Quick comment on that too, make the drums stronger. They're a good beat, but they're being drowned out by the orchestra. Try making em' more "epic" if you know what I mean. :)

Zajed responds:

thanks for the review man i just tried to set a simple but yet effective feeling

about orchestra of heaven i kinda changed everything lol and stepped ona different way, il upload a pre version right now

thanks i appreciate it

Good stuff

I loved the guitar distortion that was used at the 8 second mark. But afterwards it got kinda dull. Nice guitar playing though, I would've liked it better with choir.


Good melody but I honestly like the real guitar sound better but whatever, the title of this song is Fuck Your Real Guitar. The solo effects were pretty dam tight as well. Try to play this song for real though, than I might download it. 4/5

ProjectGodMode responds:

as i said earlier this was a song by hating4am and jrayteam6 first, with programed guitars. then i (eternalreich) stumbled upon it and thought it would be funny to actually put real rythm guitar on it. so i did and then metaljonus did all of the lead work except for the faint lead at the end. this is a bastard of a child indeed.

Hail Satan


It was alright, good quality and some nice and unique sound effects, bit man, just WAYYY too repetitive. Maybe if you added new sounds some of the ways through or just cut it short. Anyway, good effort though.


Alright I guess, but what's with all this weird techno-esque rock lately? Well anyway, nice job, but the guitar sounds a bit too artificial.


This is a pretty sick beat, good and heavy guitar playing in the background. I also liked the drums. But I'm sorry, this was just WAYYY too techno for my taste. I would've liked it better without the weird techno noises and the guitars more in the front. This is the general rock section anyway right?

Davirus responds:

Yup, since Newgrounds have not a Industrial or "Alternative Rock" genre, I thought on putt here xD
Thanks for commenting =3


Really good and clean playing man, I especially liked the strings accompaniment although they felt a bit artificial at times. And another thing, I don't like how the electric guitar kept randomly coming in. I think it would've been better if it started off as sad and than went to angry or whatever, rather than sad, angry, sad, angry, you know? Well ah well, this song still kicks ass man! 5/5

FarCryDX responds:

Thanks. No, the were samples actually.. so they aren't synthetic. But eh. I liked em. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm a rusher sometimes. Lol.

Pretty good.

Nice job man, I'm not a big fan of the whole throat scream-o thing but the playing was definitely top-of-the-line. Only thing that could be improved though is the (sorry to say) terrible quality.

Andy @Omgwtfcritz



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