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Man, this was amazing! Probably one of the pro songs I've heard on NG. I can honestly picture this playing on the radio!

Good Things:
-Loved the beat.
-Great lyrics.
-Great use of piano.
-Liked the woodblock sound, really enhanced the song.
-The singing vocals were really good.
-Pretty good rapping.
-Instrumentation was great, especially around the climaxes of the song.

Bad Things:
-Sometimes the rapping seemed kind of awkward, like some weird pauses and some strange syllable counts. But in general, it was really good.
-Sometimes the singing vocals seemed kind of too high and out of tune, but it still sounded really good.

Damn good song here man, I really liked it. I honestly won't be surprised if you get signed in the near future. Keep em' coming man, 5/5, peace.


Wow, good thing I came across this man. I'm a big fan of this beat and it's pretty good with these vocals too. But I got some suggestions to make.

Good Things:
-Great concept in general, I loved the idea of this song and it sounded really epic. More people should rap to songs like this.
-Great lyrics and rapping.

Bad Things:
-No offense, but the female vocals were kind of sub-par. They sounded off-key at times and sometimes faded out too soon.
-Some of the voice acting was kind of bad/cheesy. But eh, it fits the song. ;)
- A bit on the short side but it's fine.
-I feel like the talking sections of this song were kind of long. But I still love the message it's conveying.

Again, really good job man. I personally think you should really remake this song with better vocals and a bit longer. If you I did that I honestly believe it would become a hit. But whatever, 5/5, peace.


Damn man, I actually really like it! Usually I don't really like metal vocals but the ones in this one just worked.

Good Things:
-Nice and heavy guitar, fit perfectly.
-Great vocals.
-Nice bass entrance. Sounded kind of western.
-"Mothahfuckah let's go..." Haha, brilliant. This song would be perfect for a violent, bloody rampage type flash, heh.

Bad Things:
-Snare sounded kind of weird. Like it was too loud.
-When the vocalist said "juxtapositioning" it sounded kind of weird. As if it had too many syllables. Could be just me though.
-Way too short man! Make it longer!

Really great job man, keep em' coming, 5/5, peace.

Xenogenocide responds:

Thanks for the review man ;D

you're the best critic I ever had if i do say so. You put me right every time, hehe.


Really good man, but here's some suggestions.

Good Things:
-Loved the main flute taking the melody, really fit well.
-Good use of orchestra.
-Liked the faint bells/chimes in the background.

Bad Things:
-The beat was a bit overpowering, but nah, it's fine.
-Wayyy too repetitive even for a hip-hop song. If this song varied a bit it would've been perfect.

Keep it up man, 5/5.

samety responds:

Thanks for the review, I know it's repetitive but I hadn't many time. But next time I will take your tip, and make it less repetitive :D


Damn man, the Requiem For Dream Theme is one of my favorite songs, and this song is pretty damn tight too but I still got some things to say.

Good Things:
-Loved the orchestrations. Were they samples though?

Bad Things:
-Didn't like the snare much.
-The bass kick was a bit too loud.
-In general I think you should fix up the beat a bit, maybe a strong kick (not as strong as this one though) and a cool sounding clap?

Really great job man, although this song still needs some work. Keep em; coming man!

Prominia responds:

Thanks for the input these songs were made a while ago and i stopped making songs a little while ago not enough time. Just wanted to submit them. Thanks for the feedback and im glad you liked it


Hey man, nice song, here's my suggestions though as always.

Good Things:
-Loved the beat and the drums although, it was a tiny bit overpowering I feel like, but it should be fine if you leave it as it is.
-Piano was great as always.
-Loved that azn flute man, celebratin' my heritage, haha.
-I really loved that cymbal crash at 3:14, it just fitted perfectly and transitioned really well.

Bad Things:
-The parts with just the piano and drums sounded kind of bland. I think you should have brought in some more dramatic and out-in-the-open orchestrations.
-Didn't really like the hi-hat thing to be honest, it didn't really fit into the song.
-Beginning was nice, although it might have sounded better if a full orchestra was playing, but whatever.
-Choir? Eh maybe not... I think I just like the dramatic, epic classical kind of stuff too much, heh.
-This song in general I felt like needed a lot more incorporations of orchestra, kind of like "Life Story." That way it would've sound a lot more epic and the drums would've fit in perfectly.
-The faint background flute that starts around 56 seconds is way too quiet. You should probably bring it out a tiny bit more.

Well yeah that's about it, great song you got here, keep em' coming man, 5/5, peace.

K-Dm responds:

1 - piano + drums only parts = bland
1 - i agree... ill try to fill em in with more orchestrals... as well as some more hints of azn so the whole songs azn n not just the choruses
2 - hihat = bad
2 - i personally think it sounds fine... but ill try new ones neways
3 - intro could be better
3 - i alrdy fixed the intro... i think lol
4 - should be more orchestra-ish
4 - like i said earlier ill try to add more orchestra + azn so hopefully itll turn out better
5 - flute at 56 seconds is too quiet
5 - there is no flute......... LOL

neways thx for the awesome review as always

ill pm u once im done making all the changes



Been waiting to review this song for a long time. This is some pretty good stuff right here man, but I still got some stuff to say.

Good Things:
-Liked the clap.
-Good use of orchestra and brass in general.
-Loved the background choir, really added to the song.

Bad Things:
-The drums sounded kind of cool, but I have to agree with the other guys, the song did lose some of it's power that it had before due to this new beat. Although I did like it, I just don't think you used it the right way. I think it would've been better if you used a deep, heavy sounding kick and than the clap rather than that echo-ey sounding drum.
-The weird snare entrance sounded really weird and honestly a lot weaker than it should have been. I liked the old snare in the original better although in that version it was way too loud. I think you should have used that same snare but toned it down bit.
-I didn't like those weird scratch/weird snare effects that sometimes accompanied the beat. It just sounded weird and out of place.
-One thing that really added power to the original was the cymbal crashes. Yes, this song had those but I think they could've been a tad louder and maybe have an echo-ey effect.

All in all, really good job man. If I were you I would consider making a third remixed and remastered version of this song but whatever. Keep this stuff coming, 5/5, peace.

flashmac responds:

Hey, it's the guy who gives really good reviews! Well, the cymbals had to be turned down to make the quality better. The snares your talking about, I don't really see how they don't fit but okay lol. But the snare roll was really weird. I'm gonna have to agree with you on that. I'm not gonna make another remix cause that would be kinda dumb lol, but what I will do is go back and make some changes. Thanks a lot dude.


Pretty good job man, not the best but it still kicks ass.

Good Things:
-Liked the brass implementation.
-Drums were good. (Although the rock drums should have been a lot louder, they were constantly being drowned out.)

Bad Things:
-To be completely honest I don't really like the guitar tone you used. It's too light and "picky/grindy" sounding, and a bit on the scratchy side at times. I think you should go with a more heavier and consistent tone.
-There was often an imbalance with the orchestra and the guitar.
-The strings were way too faint at 1:24, made them sound out of place.
-Not really my style of orchestra, but it's more of a personal preference. Sounded like it would suit a sports movie, heh.
-When the guitar was strumming in the background starting around 34 seconds, it wasn't nearly as heavy as it should have been. For parts like that in a symphonic metal piece; the guitar should be more on the heavy side so it integrates well with the orchestra, and especially with the brass, which was a big part of this piece.
-The snare drum rolls should have been a bit louder when they were used.
-I feel like some choir would've worked well with this song.

Well in general, this song is fairly good. But from what I've heard from you I think you're a lot better at making symphonic metal pieces with the orchestra more in the front and the guitar in the background. Which is why The Summoning was such a great song. Great use of orchestra and choir as well as extremely good guitar integration. When you make songs with the guitar in the front, yeah they're great and all but nowhere near as epic as The Summoning. Basically what I'm saying is that I think your better at giving the orchestra the main melody rather than the guitar. Although I loved the random solos you threw into The Summoning. Well yeah, that's about it I think. Later for now man, symphonic metal ftw! 5/5, peace.

Devastus responds:

Which of the guitar tones are you talking about, the lead or the riff tune? Because the riff tune is actually much heavier than what I had with my old tune :P It's just quite drown out in this piece so you can't hear it to it's full potential (I did mix it a bit differently however, but anyway). The lead guitar should have been more quiet in my opinion, but since the project file is so goddamn heavy, I won't change it anymore :P

I tried to keep the orchestra as much similar to the original tune, so choir was a no-no (unless I would've wanted to change it a bit). So, the reason it maybe could fit into a sports movie (what the hell :P), is behind the original artist of the piece :P

Most likely with The Devourer I will be trying to balance the both sides, metal and orchestra, I'm pretty sure that with the same volumes that I had for riff guitars on this piece and a bit more quiet lead guitar would work. Since I'd want to have it so that the elements don't overpower themselves.

Thank you for your review.


I really liked your guitar tone and the riffs in this one man! It really flowed and your new drums sound great! i hope you make a full song out of this tune!

Xenogenocide responds:

Hehe, thanks for the review man, I'll be working with superior drummer from now on. I like this new tight sounding kit.

I'll probably make this into a full song next by request. Lol.

Really good

I really liked this song man, great, calming melody and a nice beat, but I still got a couple things to say.

Good Things:
-Loved the fading snare effect at the intro.
-Beat was drums were great, loved the hi-hat.
-Strings sounded good.

Bad Things:
-Wayyy to short for a song this good.
-I think you should have varied the melody a bit before you went into the outro.
-I think some bells at the beginning would've worked well, like in Liberation by you and Zajed.
-Some choir would've been nice too.

Well, all in all, great song man, one of my favorites by you, keep this stuff coming! 5/5, peace.

K-Dm responds:

thx man its always good to get a review from u

neways ya its i know its kinda short... but i made it in one run lol

i actually did try to add some bells but i failed lol i dunno maybe i just dont know how to use em

and choirs is also a good idea... but i dont have the greatest choir soundfonts right now

neways just wait till i get a new pc lol (maybe next year? lol)

cuz once im lag free and i have all my high quality plugins my tracks will be better for sure =)


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